Monday, April 28, 2014

March 3, 2014

    The email to Kyle talked about the cultural celebration and the great experience both of his sisters had. It also had some details on what had happened at the Garr house during the week.

  gotta love those sunday naps....oh wait...we dont get those :P sounds like the temple celebration was awesome!!! bummed i wasnt there. but im where i need to be :) 
To my dear sister Lexi: yes......i would have killed you though!!!
haha so this week we went and talked with some less active members. some have committed to come back to church. we will have to see this Sunday :) hopefully they stay true to their word! so a fun story from this week is that a while ago a Samoan member gave us a recipe for Ponkeke!!!! it is the best thing on the face of the planet! but last night we went to the fletchers for dinner and had Hawaiian haystacks!! they were so boss! but after they let me use their deep fryer and make ponkeke! so we had some leftovers and we took them over to this samoan families house and they ate them up!! i am a true samoan!!!! Joe Le'atu (the father) told me that they almost tasted like his wifes!! that made me pretty happy! they are the best! they told Elder Grandstaff and I that we will always be part of their family! we are their favorite missionaries! so my companion is still Elder Holtry. He is from south jordan Utah. we get along pretty good! i still play the piano and the ukulele every chance i get. since i have an uke in the apartment i pick that up and play almost daily! i love music! oh that reminds me! so at our baptism of Andrew and Averi I was asked to play a musical number. well a set of sisters in our district brought one of their investigators. after the baptism he came up to me and asked if i would play at his baptism!! he loved the song so much that he bought it on his iphone!!! he shows everyone that he knows that song! i love the way music impacts peoples lives!! i love missionary work! 
                                   -Elder Garr

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