Monday, April 28, 2014

March 17,2014

   This week Tracie talked about Lexi getting a new bed and Kinlee going to the DMV to take the test for her driving permit. She also mentioned how she received a friend request on Facebook from someone in Washington. Tracie also told Kyle how she rocked an awesome sharing time.

thanks for sending off my package...haha Allison is the best! we have been doing service over at her house. when Olivia commented on that kid history video allison watched it right away and then texted me saying she was dying of laughter!! she is pretty awesome! she is making us beanies and crocheting us ties!! i miss being up in trees! it was pretty fun but kinda sketchy because it was windy and i almost died at least 4 times haha!!! oh here is a real funny story. so we have to give our car to the hermanas at night because it is a new rule that sisters have to be in a car when its dark. well we gave the car up and then started walking to a members house. we visited with them and then asked them how to get to this other members house the fastest. so she gave us directions and we were on our way. well we missed one of the turns we were supposed to take and then went about 7 mins in the wrong way! so now it is about 8:35 pm and we dont have our car and we are about a 40 minute walk from our apartment. well we decided that we needed to run to this members house because if the husband wasnt home then we had a long run to make it back before our curfew. so as we were running to this members house i started to rain pretty hard and it was dark and i managed to blow out my ankle!! yup thats right i rolled it hard! i stepped in a pot hole and then i heard a pop! thankfully the member we were going to see was home and he was able to give us a ride!! i couldnt put weight on it for 2 days! and then at church i was gimpy and everyone was like what happened?? so then i had to explain the story at least 37 1/2 times! but all is well. i dont think its too bad...we will see in a couple of weeks!! well i love and miss everyone!!
                        -Elder Garr

oh and the ponkeke recipe is:
 2 cups flour
 4 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
 1 can crushed pineapple
mix all ingredients. make consistency thick but not too thick. shouldnt be soupy.
get oil up to 375 degrees
cook until golden brown on outside and not doughy in the center. 
use an ice cream scoop to get into balls to drop into oil. (pampered chef cookie dough scoop with the little scrapper that moves when you squeeze the handle works best)
if oil is too hot the outside will burn and the inside will be doughy. start low on the oil and work your way up until you figure it out!

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