Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hola Everyone!

     This week has been pretty lame :/ on Saturday we went and did a service project for a less active in the ward. we are still working on digging tree stumps out! but this last Saturday i was digging around a root and a sharp pain hit my lower back and shot down the back of my leg. The chiropractor that i have been seeing had mentioned that when the pain shoots down either leg it means you have pinched a nerve. I have been pretty much crippled these past couple days :/ Thanks family for that gene pool :P On a happier note we are planning another baptism for the 3rd of march!! It is for a UBC that is 11 yrs old! he is super stoked! this week will probably be a ton of planning for that!
       Transfer calls are this coming Saturday!!! Please dont send anything through USPS!!! I get the call on Saturday and i will let everyone know my new address on monday if i am moving or not!! If i do leave and you do send the letters and things it will be a pain to get them back!!!
      I love being a missionary!!
                          -Elder Garr

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


     Hola everyone!!! This past week has been amazing! We had a baptismal service on sunday the 17th for Cody Brooks! I had the wonderful opportunity to be the one to baptise him!! It was amazing! Everyone was doubting me because I'm a scrawney 6 foot tall 160lb missionary and Cody is 6' 5" and at least 300lbs! All it took was one time! In 2 weeks on March the 3rd i will get to confirm him because next week is stake conference! This past week has been planning for the baptism. we found 2 new investigators that we are teaching! They are a couple named Heather and Jimmy! Heather realizes that she needs to turn her life around and Jimmy hasn't really grown up yet... We will keep working with them and see where it goes! other than that we've been pretty busy with the baptism and things of that nature! this Gospel is the greatest! I love missionary work!
                                       -Elder Garr
The first two photos are pictures of a board (pieced together and then where i broke it) that i punched through for zone meeting. the zone leaders asked us one of our fears and then wrote it on the board and everyone got to punch through their own board to overcome that fear! it was pretty awesome!

The third picture is the desk of a busy Elder! (Me)

The fourth picture is Elder Bowser, Cody Brooks, and myself!

Kyle's mom keeps asking questions and here are some the answers:
  1. I haven't had to use my bike yet, so I have no clue if it's a good bike.
  2. We make breakfast ourselves and most of the time we have mac & cheese or ramen for lunch.
  3. Most of the time we have dinner with a member but there are those nights that we will go out to eat.
  4. My companion Elder Bowser is from Provo, Utah and my last companion Elder Hathaway is from Memphis, TN.
  5. The weather is between 40 - 65 degrees but I love this weather, I don't miss the sun at all. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

One Hectic Week!

hola everyone!!!
   This week has been pretty hectic! we have been teaching a ton of people and working with UBC's and PMF's
(Un-Baptized Children and Part Member Families) one of the people we are working with is a boy named Alex. He is ten years old and both of his parents are members but the mother is less active. Its crazy to think how some people can just go inactive. I dont see how at one point in your life you go from knowing the truth of the church and seeing the blessings that you get when you live the gospel to not going to church. The one thing that is a reassurance is the saviours atonement for each and everyone of us. No matter how far down the road of sin we go, we can always use the power of the atonement and turn our lives around. This week we went and taught Cody the word of wisdom and right then and there he gave us the rest of his tobacco and told us he was done smoking and to throw away the tobacco. Its amazing how the gospel can effect others lives! I am sill waiting for those who read my last email to write me about the challenge i gave out!!! DO IT!!! by just sharing the BofM with someone it may not affect them right away but it will affect them later in life. everyone can use the atonement in their life! Be a member missionary!!! give the elders in your area people to work with! sit in on the lessons with them! it makes such a big difference to an investigator when they already have a tight bond with someone they know! I love this Gospel! I love being in the WA-TAC Mission! I love everyone out here and back home!!
                                            -Elder Garr

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Video from October 27, 2012

This was a recorded while they were practicing to sing in Sacrament. I missed the beginning where Kyle did a solo. Missing the music in our home that Kyle brought. (Let me know if the link doesn't work.)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's Been A Crazy Week!!!

     This whole last week has been crazy with transfers and everything! Elder Bowser is my new comp. and he is really funny! our sarcasm is very alike! we have a greenie living with us in our apartment! he is pretty sweet. this last week we have done a ton of tracting! we have put two people on date!!! the first is Shirley and her daughter Vanessa. they didn't come to church so it has to be pushed back a week. we also tracted into a guy a couple weeks ago and so elder bowser and i decided to go check up on him. when we knocked on his door he wasn't home but his older brother was there and we talked to him for an hour! his name is Cody and he is the biggest teddy bear! he is at least 6' 5" and at least 300 lbs. he accepted to be baptised and so we put him on date for the 16th of this month! he came to church and said he really liked the atmosphere. we will hope to see him at church next week and then baptise him!!! other than that things have been pretty mellow. the weather up here is beautiful! its like 55-60 degrees everyday and it hasn't really been raining these past couple days! the sun has been shining and its been awesome. That is still one thing i don't really miss about Arizona, the sun. there is too much of it! I love this gospel! the book of mormon is true! I'm giving everyone that reads this email a challenge. hand out at least one book of mormon to a friend or someone you meet. don't be scared. Just do it! once you do it email me about the experience you have. one thing you can do is write your cell number in the book and tell them if they have any questions to call you. i also challenge everyone to read from the book of mormon at least 30 mins a day! just pick a time everyday and just do it! i promise you that as you read the book of mormon 30 mins a day you will see the effect it has in your everyday life. i love and miss everyone! 
                                   -Elder Garr