Tuesday, September 10, 2013


This week has been pretty unproductive. the only fun thing we did this past week was we participated in the national day of service!!! we had the privilege to tear down a fence at the soldiers home in town!! it was super fun because the majority of the crew took out the fence in between the posts! I got to work with a worker there with a backhoe. I would hook up the post with a tow cable to the bucket and then he would drive it over to the truck and would put it in the truck and I would unlatch it. at first it took forever for me to get out of the back of the truck so eventually he just put the bucket over the truck and I would climb into the bucket and then he would drive back over to the next post with me still in the bucket and we would repeat the process :D we did that about 30 times...roughly haha. it was awesome!!! other than that we didnt do anything else out of the ordinary. went and saw a couple of less actives and thats about it. other than that i love and miss everyone!!!

                    -Elder Garr
          Here are some pictures that Kyle sent us along with his commentary.

          The first is what I do when bored haha I balance a quarter on top of a flathead screwdriver :P next is my last district. from left to right is - Sisters Mossbrucker, Gardner, Lloyd, and Martin, Elders Matthews, Gardner, Benhoff (my comp), and then ME!!!  Finally this is what we do when bored :P we balance stuff!!

Pic #1

Pic #2

Pic #3