Thursday, February 27, 2014

February 23, 2014

i got your package!! thank you very much! this week has been pretty good! we haev been working with some great people! there is a lady that we have started to teach. her name is Wendy and she is a mother of 7 kids and just before christmas her husband walked out on her and left. she is going through a rough time with the whole situation and looking for answers! luckily we were there to answer them! i love making an impact in peoples lives!! other than that we have changed some things. the way we teach is totally different! the weather up here is pretty awesome! it rains almost everyday!! and its only around 45 degrees! i love it up here...but i probably wouldnt move up here :P i love being a missionary!! 
               -Elder Garr

this is Elder Holtry...he is a bit creepy...just kidding he is awesome!!

this is me...i was bored so i sat on the ground...

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