Monday, April 29, 2013

This week!

     This week has been pretty awesome!! i was sick at the beginning of the week but ive slowly gotten better! we have done a ton of tracting!! Elder Hunsinger has some of the funniest comments!!! we walked up to this one door and this lady slammed the door in our faces and as we were walking away he says "I hate white people..." Im super glad im his companion!! hes super funny!! other than that this week has been the same. we are still trying to get Justin and Ashley married and then baptized!! I love being a missionary!! i love this gospel!!! I love and miss everyone!!
                    -Elder Garr

                                          Here's a map of where Kyle current is.

Monday, April 22, 2013

hey everyone!!!

      so this week has been pretty awesome!!! the transfer to Shelton was awesome!! we have one of the best views when the sun comes out!! We have a ton of people that we are working with but since I've been here we've only been able to see like 3 of them haha. fun little side note, one of the investigators refuses to call us by Elder because she was raised "respect your elders" and she's older than us so she wont call us that, but anyways she gives us nicknames that don't really mean anything haha so mine is Jack! I have no clue why but it works haha my companions name is Sid. so in Shelton we have Spanish missionaries that we split with and tract with them. so this past week I've been brushing up on the very few bit of Spanish I do know haha and when we come to a Spanish door I can usually get the basics of the conversation haha its pretty cool! I don't have much to say because I've only been here like a week :P I love everyone! I know this gospel is true! I love the book of Mormon! READ THAT BOOK!!! ITS MAGIC!!!
           -Elder Garr

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


     This past Saturday we got our transfer calls!!! i bet all of you are wondering where im going or if im going at all!!! I am being transfered out of forks and i will be serving in the Shelton 2nd ward!!!!!!!! my new mailing address is
1127 N. 13th st. #4
Shelton, WA 98584
I hope to get lots of letters!!! This past week in forks has been just like every other week...a whole lot of nada!!! we have been tracting a ton and we had a new investigator but she is no where to be found. our other investigator is still smoking and living with his girlfriend... oh well we will have to put our faith in the lord on this one.  last P-Day we went to a park and played ultimate frisbee with our whole zone!!! that was super funn except i didnt have cleats so i was slipping all over the place but still!! it was super fun!! I really have no clue what to say now because in forks every letter home has been the same :P I have a stong testimony of this gospel. i know i have an older brother Jesus Christ that watches over me and knows exactly what im going through. the book of mormon is the word of God. I love being a missionary!!! i love and miss all or you back home!!!
                                                     -Elder Garr

Monday, April 1, 2013

HaPPy EaSTeR!!!!!!!

       This past week has been pretty uneventful :/ we have been doing a ton of tracting and trying to find people to teach. Missionary work is hard...but i love it! We have had some less active members come back to church recently!!! One of the worst thing as a missionary is to go to your mailbox and get nothing for a consecutive week :P Everyone needs to write me!! (im going to be selfish for just a second here) but i love getting letters from home and i try to get a response to your letter out as soon as i can!! oh and if anyone want to send anything in a package i need page protectors and some binders (the bigger the better). just sayin ;) I love missionary work! i love talking to complete strangers about what i believe!! (even though we all grow up with our parents saying right before you walk out the front door "remember who you are and DONT TALK TO STRANGERS!!!) its really fun to talk to strangers!!! How has everyones experience with handing out a book of mormon going?!?!? im still waiting to hear back from...ALL OF YOU!!! slackers... Well i love you all!! hope you had a good Easter!
                                          -Elder Garr

     These pictures are of a little girl that fell asleep and her older brother and i decided to build a card tower on top of her while she was asleep!! talk about challenging!!! it was super funny!! the last two are :
 Me on a marina in sequim!! and then Elder Hathaway (my first companion) who is in my zone now!!!

                                      Little Girl

                                      Older Brother and Elder Garr showing how proud they are.

                                                 Kyle on the marina in Sequim

                                                  Kyle's 1st companion: Elder Hathaway