Tuesday, May 28, 2013


This past week has been stressful! we got our transfer calls this past Saturday! I bet you all want to know if im staying or if im going :P well I got my call to go to Orting, Graham. now as you all know they created 2 new missions is WA. On June 28th the Federal Way mission is going to be created! now the WA-TAC is loosing 2 areas to this mission. One of those areas is Graham... so on June 28th I will get to open up the Washington Federal Way mission and I will get a new mission president!!! so all of my info will change like the mission office and things like that :P not many people get to say that they were in 2 separate missions!!! but I will get to say that!!! my new mailing address will be
Elder Kyle Garr
221 Corrin Ave SW Unit A
Orting, WA 98372
My new companion is Elder Brown! he came out with my current companion Elder Hunsinger! as a matter of fact they were MTC companions!! He says that we should get along great! I love being a missionary!! I love and miss eVeRyOnE!!!
                          -Elder Garr

oh ya!

I forgot to tell you that there was this member that we went to see 2 sundays ago and they had an ukulele and a piano so they wanted me to play them haha so I did and I told them that ive been asking around for a ukulele that some one would be willing to part with for cheap and so this last Wednesday we went to mutual and this member came up to me and was like "we missed your last Christmas present so...Merry Christmas!!!"
  how awesome is that!! and a youth in the ward taught me a couple of songs including "how can I be" its super fun to play the ukulele!!!
      love ya!!!

                                                             Kyle's new area:

                   Here's another picture I found of Kyle while looking at the WA-TAC blog.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Cow Tongue Tacos!!!

    I had to throw that title in there because today after im done emailing we are going to go eat some cow tongue tacos!!! it will be interesting! next week I will have to let you know if im dead or not!!! oh ya and since next Monday is memorial day the library will be closed so I wont get to email until either Tuesday or Wednesday. not sure because Tuesday is transfers so if I stay in Shelton I will most likely email after transfers. this week has been pretty interesting! we have been working more with the foster kids but unfortunately they have fallen off date because of various reasons but we are still working hard with them! the other day we helped someone move and I was the one in the back of the moving truck arranging everything and the people there were like "ya were going to have to make 2 trips"...not with this guy in the back of that truck! I got everything packed in the truck and it only took one trip! I was pretty proud of myself! I knew my mission would help me learn valuable things!! like how to load a moving truck! haha it was pretty fun. I was in the truck standing on boxes while putting boxes on top of anything!!! other than that this week has been pretty much the same! knocking doors with Spanish! I love being a missionary!!! I love and miss everyone!!!
                                -Elder Garr

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day!!!

This week has been pretty awesome! we are working with a less active family that is starting to come back to church and they are foster parents so they have 4 foster kids in their home right now. we have put 3 of the 4 on date to be baptized on the 25th and we only have permission from one of the boys. the other 2 are still trying to get permission from their case workers and their parents!! keep them in your prayers please!!! we are also working with a couple and they are trying to quit smoking and take the lessons but they have been sick so we kind of lost contact with them for about 3 weeks :/ but now there better and we are starting to teach them!! other than that things are basically the same as every other week, tracting with Spanish haha!! this last sunday so yesterday I played Redeemer in sacrament meeting and I had some people come up to me and say how much it touched them. I love how music can do that to people!! since I have been on my mission I have played a musical number in every ward that ive served in!! its one of my goals to do that in every area I serve in!! I love being a missionary and bringing the light of the gospel to those who are prepared. I love the book of Mormon with all of me heart and I challenge everyone to read for at least 30 minutes a day!! it will change your life! if you don't believe me then put my words to the test, because I know that if you sincerely read from that book you will see a difference in your life and in the life of your family! I love and miss everyone!!
                    -Elder Gar

Also, I found this pic of Kyle on the Tacoma Mission Blog.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My artsy crafty side came out haha!!!

       So this week has been pretty fun!! we are working with a less active family and they are starting to come back to everything! they wanted to start up FHE so I decided to make them a little job board! I spent a ton of time at night painting this thing and I will send a picture home next week but this project made the sister missionaries proud!! haha. this past Saturday we helped a 71 year old move out of her rental house and into a duplex. it took us about 8 hours to complete this move! crazy!! but a Spanish missionary (elder jones) and I were up on her balcony and everyone else was on the ground below and they were throwing things up to us and we would catch them and put them on the deck!! for the record I have a perfect record of catching!! but you wouldn't believe some of the things we lifted up onto the balcony!! we lifted 2 couches, a box spring, a mattress, and a ton of smaller items!! it was so much fun!!! we also helped the sisters move into a new home haha. We also had the chance to go through the temple this past week as a mission!! that was super awesome!! and the Seattle temple is super pretty!!! I love and miss everyone!!!
             -Elder Garr