Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

   This weeks email Tracie talked about the cold front that we just experienced. She talked about how we went with the Smith's to see Vocal Point and how awesome it was. She also suggested that he goes to school at BYU and join the group. Tracie let Kyle know that Stephen Smith just opened his mission call letter and he will be serving in Honolulu, Hawaii.

 so you had a cold front come through?? haha here it hasnt even gotten to the 70s yet!! haha vocal point is awesome!!! Elder holtry has them on is ipod! we listen to them all the time! my week has been pretty good. We had a hard time seeing people. A lot of people weren't home or were too busy to have us over to teach a lesson. We were able to see David and he is very solid for may 10th. Joey and Maddy are progressing quite well! We are still trying to help Maddy quit smoking. She has cut back a ton since we first started teaching her! She is down to only smoking 2 a day! We talked with her about choosing a baptismal date but she said that once she quits she will pick a day for baptism. Other than that we are working hard here in Kent! i love and miss everyone!!!
         -Elder Garr

Here are more picture from Kyle. He seems to think his mission shoes will last another 6 months. Kyle also sent to videos that I will try uploading. Yes, he is still a boy at heart!!!

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