Monday, April 28, 2014

April 14, 2014

This weeks email Tracie talked about how the driving lessons are going well with Kinlee. She also mentioned how Lexi burped at the table and was soooo proud of it that she asked for a rating. Kinlee said it was a 4. Lexi was so mad that she told Kinlee she'd like to see her try and burp a 4.

sounds like things back home are pretty awesome! all i have to say about lexi....i give it a 7 1/2... glad to hear that your bedroom is finally painted! 
for the first time in a long time Elder Holtry and I got SUNBURNED!!!!! it was great! we both got a little color back haha! we did yard work for a member and the sun was out and shining!! 
so things out here in the frontlines are pretty legit! we have a potential of 4 baptisms this transfer!!! We already had one last week! then we have another one that is solid for May 10th. i hope that i get to stay in this area for a while! i love the ward and all the people here in kent! i could finish my mission in this ward! so we are working with this couple named Joey and Maddy and they are pretty awesome! they are committed for the 10th of may as well! other than that we have been doing quite a bit of service! (hence why we got sunburned!) haha so how are things going for everyone back in az!!??!! lemme know whats up! 
            -Elder Garr  

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