Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day After Christmas

        This past week has been kind of a downer :/ We haven't had a ton of people to teach. we have had people cancel appointments or have had to reschedule. We do have a couple of potentials though! we are going to try to get in contact with some of our potentials this week. Anyways the past couple of days have been awesome! On Christmas Eve we went over to the second councilor's house for dinner and they taught us how to make Italian lasagna and holy cow it was amazing!! After dinner we acted out Luke 2 with 3 out of 4 kids. Even while on my mission I had to act it out :P It was way fun to do it with a members family and to see how they did all of their traditions! On Christmas day we had a member feed us breakfast at 7:30 am!! (Most people are still asleep at that time, at least all of my friends) After breakfast they had a ton of presents for us! This family has made it a tradition to always have the missionaries over for Christmas. They bought us things mainly for our apartment but there were things that they got for us individually which was really cool! When we were opening the last of our gifts we noticed something!! It was snowing outside!!! We had a white Christmas!!! First time i have ever been able to say that :P Through this time of year it's easy to lose track of the real meaning of Christmas. Being on a mission has changed my perspective of Christmas. Before my mission I had always known the true reason for Christmas but now it has a whole new meaning. The Savior was put onto this earth to atone for all of our sins. He did what no one else could have done. He knows each and everyone of us individually. He knows everything that we have gone through and will go through. I am so thankful for my Savior and Redeemer and all the He has done for me. I love this gospel and I know that being on a mission is where I'm supposed to be. The book of mormon is the true word of God. This church is true and I love this gospel.
         -Elder Garr

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I'm In Tacoma!!!

Hey everyone! Yesterday we landed in the Seattle/Tacoma airport and were picked up by the mission president and his wife!! We had a huge transfer meeting where we were assigned our new companions! Now I know you are all dying to know who my new companion is... Elder Hathaway!!! he is an awesome missionary and has roughly 10 months left on his mission. During the transfer meeting there were testimonies born by those who were leaving the mission field. There were many musical numbers given, but one song got to me... Amazing Grace. I have never really paid any attention to those lyrics before but as i was singing them everyone else around was crying and broke be down...shhh. Afterwards we gathered all of my stuff and put it in a car and drove to the new appartment! There are 4 of us elders in the appartment. These elders are awesome!! On the first night we were here we had a less active member ask us for a priesthood blessing, what an amazing experience for only being in the mission field for less than 4 hours! After that we went to Walmart for some food items and things of that nature. but after that we had a meeting with an investigator...or so i thought. We went over to Joanns' house and we began to teach her and before the lesson Elder Hathaway had told me that he wanted me to put her on date for baptism! First lesson in the mission field and I already have to ask someone to come unto christ and be baptised!! nervous...just a little. Anyways we went through the lesson and i started to talk about the saviors earthly ministry and how he was baptised and set the example for all of us. Then she started asking a ton of questions about baptism so we ,mainly me, started to answer them. Then my companion gave me that "ask her to be baptised" kind of look and so i did and she asked a couple more questions and then said yes!!!!!!! only one companion had set me up... she has been a member of the church for over 25 years. All of the older missionaries do this to their greenies to see how they perform and how they teach. Joann is an awesome member of the church and she and Elder Hathaway gave me some awesome feedback! Elder Hathaway told me that i did better that he thought i would do! This was such a neat experience! I am so thankful for this gospel and for all that it has done for me. I know this Church is true and that the book of mormon is another testiment of Jesus Christ. There is a prophet on the earth today and i know that he is the mouthpiece of God to help guide us in all that we do. I love being a missionary!!
Now on a more relaxed note...Its COLD here. The weather is supposed to be like 40 degrees but with the wind chill factor it's like 30 degrees!! The day we go there the sun was shining and it was still like 30 degrees! Everything up here is so beautiful! My new mailing address for our appartment is
200 lippert Dr. G-233
Port Orchard, WA 98366
In 6 weeks that could possibly change depending on where or if i get transfered!! Cant wait to hear from you all!! Love ya,
                           -Elder Garr

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pictures from the MTC

#1: A beanie that Elder Alger made me!! He's awesome
#2: Elder Johnsen (my district leader) and I!

#3: my roomies!! Elder Toomey (my companion), Elder Hulet, and Elder Jorgensen
#4: My District!!

#5: My Companion Elder Toomey!!
#6: Ponder Picture!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Amazing Friends!!!!!!!

          The night before Kyle left for the MTC all his friends were gathered in the front room and Tracie was begging for them to put lights on the tree as a group activity. Kyle said several times, "Not happening mom". The following afternoon we had surprise visitors that came over to decorate the tree. It might not be up to Tracie's standards but it was done with love. Ha Ha Kyle, your friends did end up decorating the tree!!!!!   Thank you Allyson, Melissa, Jessica, Dalyn, Mitchell, Kinlee, and Lexi.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Utah Pics

    These pictures were taken of Kyle just after arriving in Provo, Utah. Thanks Aunt Kristin for picking Kyle up from the airport, taking pictures of Kyle at the temple, taking him out to lunch at Costa Vida (one of his favorites), and making sure Kyle made it to the MTC on time. We're sure it made his trip a lot easier.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

First Preparation Day!!!

Dear Family, 

Life here at the MTC is great. I have learned so much about this great gospel. I am so excited to get out to Tacoma! My companion is Elder Toomey and he is a great guy. He reminds me of Zach because he has a hard time being on time, and well you know me i like to be on time to everything. I don't want to say this but I'm not really missing home life. I am so focused on the work that it takes up most of my thoughts. Anyways how is life back in AZ? Here in Utah the weather is kind of chilly but it is bearable. we have already had the chance to teach an "investigator" and boy was that an experience. Mom or Dad can you get all of my friends house addresses and email them to me because they have asked us to use email only for family. I would highly appreciate that. I love this gospel. I am so thankful that I am out on a mission. i know that through the atonement of christ we have the opportunity to repent for our sins. i love each and every one of you back in AZ. 
                                                           - Elder Garr

PS. i need you to send up a watch for me. It's in my side table by my bed. It's a black watch. I also need more plain shirts. Those would be helpful to have in Utah. My address is 

Elder Kyle Philip Garr
MTC Mailbox # 201
WA-TAC 1217
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

if you would like to send a package full of food and things of that matter (wink wink) that is where you would send them. love you!!!