Sunday, January 5, 2014


          We didn't get an email from Kyle this week but we did get one from a member named Nancy Fletcher. She gave us their Skype information and let us know that they would be taking care of Kyle on Christmas day. She also asked us if there was anything that Kyle would be missing since he was away from home. So knowing that he loves this special chex mix (referred to as "Christmas Crack" in our home) that the Kammerer's in our ward make for us every year we asked and sent the recipe to her so she could surprise Kyle with it. It was awesome to see Kyle and to know he is loving Washington! He shared a story of how the dryers weren't working and so they brought their laundry home and strung it from the vacuum cord across their apartment. He showed me a picture of the craziness from Elder Grandstaff's camera. I guess "boys will be boys"! Another funny story: We received a denial from Kohl's department store a few days before Christmas. I was worried that his identity was stolen but figured that we could ask him about it in a few days. When I asked him if he applied for a credit card he laughed and said "Ya, I knew I'd get denied but they said I could get a 30% discount on the new suit I got if I filled out the application". Yep, thats my kid! Anything for a good deal! We love him and miss him but we know he is where he is supposed to be. Like the saying goes, "A missionary leaves their home for a short time so that others can be with their families for eternity".


This past email to Kyle Tracie told him how she just finished typing up the Christmas letter that gets handed out to family during our Christmas dinner at Krista's (her sister). Tracie asked him how he likes his new area (Kent, WA), how's his new companion, and how everything was going. When we received his email this week we had almost zero questions answered. So below is his response.

   So this week has been pretty awesome! we have been doing a lot of tracting! we have been trying to find new people to teach!!! while we were trying to get into this apartment complex (which has a call box and so we try and get random people to let us in) :) while we were waiting to get in Elder Grandstaff looked up and saw a guy on his 3rd story balcony and so he started talking to him and had a partial lesson while he was up there and we were at ground level. well he invited us back and we went back yesterday and when we started talking to him he was like "ya since we talked all i could think about was this modern day prophet. Who is he? How do you know? so we taught him and his wife the restoration and gave them each a Book of Mormon and invited them to read and pray!!! it was a super spiritual experience!! we will return and teach them more tomorrow!! other than that we have been working with the same people!! Josh (one of our investigators) is going to be baptized within the next 2 weeks!! he is super excited to get baptized!! Jeb (another investigator) is going to get baptized sometime in January hopefully ;) he still wants to get a couple of tattoos before he gets baptized so we are working with him on that! The past week there was a Christmas Nativity set up in one of the stake centers. it had over 600 nativity sets and an art walk with pictures of the savior. there were also musical numbers and things for the kids to do, as well as treats! well we were asked to be ushers for the art walk. the spirit was super strong there. we would invite people to stay reverent and quiet so that the spirit could be felt. there were members that came as well as non-members and was an awesome experience! then on Friday we had our mission Christmas party and that was awesome!! then on Saturday we had our ward Christmas party and we got to help set up for that! it was one of the most extensive set ups i have ever seen! but in the end it was awesome!! i love being out here in Washington where its an average 30 degrees!!! i love it!! 
                   -Elder Garr

Here are some pictures Kyle sent us as well.

   Auburn District from left to right: Sisters Hendersen, Stempniak (from AZ in our Stake…well used to be in our Stake, Creader, Elders Petersen, ME, Batchelor, Turney, McKendrick, and Giles.

                                    Emilie's Baptism

                                  Barbie's Baptism

                               Elder Grandstaff in a fake beard his mother sent him