Monday, April 28, 2014

March 10, 2014

    Tracie's email this week mentioned all the necessities we were getting ready to ship up to Kyle. Some items were requested and others were just cause we care. She mentioned a new pizza place called Fired Pie that just opened up and how awesome the pizza is. Tracie also mentioned that we saw the movie Son of God and how good it was. Oh, we received two separate emails this week.

sounds like you and dad had some fun! nah missionaries arent allowed to even see those movies :( we get to watch the Testaments and other cheesy church movies :P Elder Holtry and i have memorized all the lines to the Testaments :P thats what we do with our spare time :P haha so i watched the temple dedication video on and its pretty amazing!! somethings funny is that song that everyone played on the ukulele...i learned out here and its one of my favorite songs to play :P haha i can teach Lexi when i get home :) ive also learned a couple of other songs :) i love playing the ukulele! 
so fun story! i got to speak in sacrament meeting yesterday!! i spoke on missionary work! everyone said that i did a good job speaking :) i had 20 mins to fill and so i just didnt look at the clock. then randomly i looked at the time and all of my time was up and i still had some material to go over haha! you will get the recipe for Ponkeke  next week :) i dont have it on me :P i love washington! 
                   -Elder Garr

so i learned a new song on the ukulele!! have you ever heard of "Tears in Heaven" ? its by Eric Clapton. There is a samoan family that the wife is a member and her husband is a nonmember so we go over and teach him but their son Junior (also a nonmember) told us that if we learned how to play that song then he would come to church! well haha i learned it :P so now this wednesday i will go over and show him it so he can come to church haha!!! its now my favorite song!

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