Monday, April 28, 2014

April 21, 2014

  Tracie's email was all about Easter. Did you go to the Ward Easter egg hunt? Did you get an Easter dinner?...   She also talked about a random text that was sent to her phone from someone from Washington.

yes i got my basket. our ward didnt have a breakfast and egg hunt. we had dinner at a members on easter. the random text was from sister Mcleod! she is an awesome member! we were talking and she had said that elder holtrys mom had gotten on his and accepted friend requests and she looked at me and said "ya were still not friends." so then i told her to text you :P and within 5 mins she was like "hey were friends!!" ive been good :) elder holtry and i are just getting over a sickness but oh well :P my eye still kills.. my knees are fine. and my ankle is questionable...
i think that covers all of the questions asked in this letter ;) 
  this past week has been awesome! We are still working with Joey and Maddy and helping them to live the word of wisdom. They are struggling but we can see that they really want this and its just going to take time to ease off of smoking. They have already made progress. Maddy went from smoking 6-8 a day and now she is down to 2 a day. Our other investigator David is awesome. He has seen the hand of the lord in his life and can recognize the help that he is getting. He is dating a member down in Lakewood and she takes him to church every Sunday and he loves it! When he first started meeting with us he told us that in order for him to be baptized there were a couple of things that would have to fall into place. As we met he told us about how those "things" have all fallen into place and that everything is working out. This is what missionary work is all about. Helping others recognize the hand of the lord in their life and helping them take the steps to gain salvation. Kent is the best! We are helping the members out with their missionary work and you can tell that they are getting excited about it!
i love and miss everyone!!!
                       -Elder Garr
We also received more pictures from Kyle this week.
the first one is a note from Averi.
the second one is a picture that Averi drew me
the third on is an easter card from Averi
the fourth one is the inside of the easter card from Averi :)
Averi is an 8 yr old girl in our ward and her mom has said that she has a crush on me and my last comp. elder Grandstaff. its pretty funny! everytime we go over there she draws us something :) she was the only person to give me a valentine :P bunch of slackers :P love everyone!!!

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