Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 5, 2014

  Tracie's email to Kyle talked about his shoe's that are falling apart and how his grandpa Stowell is sending him money to buy a new pair. Most of us believe that Kyle will use the money elsewhere and keep the shoe's for one of his missionary stories. Tracie also told Kyle about our 22nd anniversary trip to Prescott, Az and the hotel we stayed in that made us feel like we were a part of a murder mystery. (Not purposely)       Here is Kyle's response:

Its great to know that my family knows me so well ;) and by family i mean Krista. I do wanna say that ive worn the same pair of shoes everyday of my mission. plus i fixed them with shoe goo.its superglue on crack!! they are waterproof again!! haha but for reals i probably wont buy new shoes until these are beyond the point of repair :) sounds like everyone had fun going to Prescott :P im in WA...i win :) it only took dad 22 years to get a pedicure with ya... i give him props.. especially because there was that time when we were getting you a new phone at the sprint store at the mall and some lady roped him in and shined and buffed one of his nails and then was annoyed with it the rest of the day. and the black guy that was helping us at sprint was laughing up a storm because he thought it was so funny!! haha that was a good day! ya sister Fletcher should be contacting you about the details. its probably going to be around 5-6pm that we Skype. Things here are pretty good. we are still teaching the same people. Joey and maddy come to church every week so now we are just helping them live the word of wisdom. David is getting baptized this Saturday! He gets interviewed tomorrow! this week is going to be boss! 
     -Elder Garr

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