Thursday, February 27, 2014

January 7, 2014

sounds like you had a fun new years!!! We stayed up super late to welcome the new year!!! we were up till 10:30pm!!!! haha holidays just arent the same when you are on a mission. its just another day of missionary work! we go out and find people! and with the new year a ton of people were a little drunk so that was interesting! so funny story, yesterday we were tracting in our apt complex and we knocked on this spanish ladys door who knew a little english. so we tried talking to her in spanish and it was weird cuz random spanish words would pop into my head when i was talking with her!! But guess what!!!!!!!!! JOSH WAS BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!! is was such an amazing baptism. the spirit was super strong! and this past sunday he was talking with the bishop and the bishop asked him to say the opening prayer in sacrament meeting this next sunday!! he is flippin out haha because he doesnt like to be the center of attention! he almost didnt get baptized because everyone would be staring at him! he told us that he wanted to tell the bishop no so badly but something inside of him said yes! hes already recognizing the spirit in his life and it is awesome!! 
  very rarely do people pay for our meals :P i have had it once and that was by a non member who talked to us and then bought us some McDonalds!! but other than that no one has payed for a meal unexpectedly :P oh well! i love being a missionary!!!
             -Elder Garr

the first picture is of Elder Grandstaff! rockin a model pose!!

the second one is of Josh's Baptism!!! Josh is the tall one in the back

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