Thursday, February 27, 2014

February 3, 2014

i cant believe that you almost forgot to write me :P sounds like you had a very interesting day!! and a fun one at that!! sorry to hear that dad is sick :( hope he gets feeling better :) im pretty much over my cold/sickness :P thanks for the thought of the cold medicine though haha i miss costa vida!! they dont have them up here in washington :( they do not let the missionaries watch the Super Bowl :P but man was it crazy last night!!! we found out that the Seahawks won and the whole town/state went nuts!!! there was fireworks going off and people were driving around after the game just honking their horns and yelling out the windows!! it was pretty camping... haha. ya i remember Sister Heslop saying that when i was back in az :) 
  other news from out here in the great state of Washington is that we...............drum roll please.............. had a baptism!!!! Andrew (11) and Averi (8) were baptized this past saturday and then they were confirmed in sacrament meeting. Andrew asked me to baptize him and Elder Grandstaff to confirm him, and Averi asked Elder Grandstaff to baptize her and for me to confirm her!!!! it was neat to see them make this step in their life!!! then our recent convert Josh got the priesthood yesterday!!!!!!! he is awesome! Josh asked me to be the one to confer the priesthood to him!! i didnt think i would be doing that for another 15 years when i had a kid of my own that turned 12 :P it was an awesome experience to do it though. This area in scenic hill has a lot of potential so we are working hard to find those people that the lord has prepared!! love and miss everyone!!
                                               -Elder Garr

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