Thursday, February 27, 2014

February 18, 2014

Here's how Kyle's mom's letter started.

         Ok...this is how this letter is starting!!!!!! Dad and I prayed about the motorcycle that you want... Its a big fat hairy NO!
Love you!! :)
Your option was Jetta or Civic for your CAR when you get back.... Not a deathmobile! ERG

so i dont think that you and dad prayed...i think the mother inside of you is coming out trying to protect me ;) im still not sure about the car though. im thinking jetta but i love my car. its been pretty nice up here! its low 50s and its awesome! sounds like you had fun at grandmas! oh speaking of grandma how is her eye doing?? a little bird told my that she lost sight for a little while in one of her eyes!!! like thats something you leave out in a letter to someone who is away from home and out of the loop :P haha whats up with her?? so no i did not get the package because of transfers...oh by the way im not getting transferred. im staying in the scenic hill ward for at least another 6 weeks!! i love it here in kent! its ghetto!! there has been 3 shootings since ive been here! (mom just ignore that last sentence...) other than that things here are awesome! we are teaching a lot of people that dont speak english! we have committed Chinee and Dah and their 10 yr old daughter Wasa to be baptized on the 15th of march! they are from burma and speak very little english! we use their daughter as a translator sometimes. to invite them to be baptized we were using Google Translate! it was pretty neat! Its pretty great! i love it up here in the great state of Washington!  i love and miss everyone!!
                -Elder Garr

we were knocking on doors and we say this sign 

the other one is of a boy named Daniel. he is crazy out of control... but he was in my shoe

we had a baptism a couple of weeks ago and the pics are of us and the kids

and then add in the grandma and mom

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