Thursday, February 27, 2014

February 10, 2014

its crazy to think that this is my last summer while on my mission! time flies when you are teaching the message of the restoration to everyone! this past week has been pretty awesome! we have a lot of potential in this area and we are trying to find what we can do better to help them feel the spirit more in their life. we should be having another baptism coming up shortly!! something interesting this past friday was we had a ward potluck and Elder Grandstaff and i got hit on by two 8yr old little was weird.
So the question you asked... i have no clue on how to answer it. i love my car but the jetta is a lot nicer... but my car has memories!! (dont worry mom, nothing bad) just good times with friends! so im not sure. i will have to converse with the spirit on that one :P would i be taking the car with me if i moved out?? or how would that work?? as you know i would like to get a motorcycle :) nothing to fancy just a Kawasaki ZX10 ;) anyway... i love and miss everyone!!
            -Elder Garr

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