Monday, March 4, 2013


       So im guessing you all want to know where i will be serving for the next 6 weeks!?!?!?! I am leaving port orchard and going to...(drum roll please)..........Forks, Washington!!! it is the biggest area in the mission and from Tacoma it's about a 3 hour drive!!! crazy!! My new companion will be Elder Warren!! i know absolutely nothing about him so my next email will have some details about him!!! We had another baptism this past sunday!!!! (but i forgot my camera at the apartment so i will send pictures next week) His name is Alex Farnsworth!!! He is an un-baptized child of a less active family that is starting to come back to church! Elder Bowser performed the baptism and i got to comfirm him!! also in sacrament meeting i had the chance to confirm Cody Brooks!!! Two confirmations in one day!! who knew?!? Anyways regarding my new area im going up near where my last companion is. Elder Hathaway will be in my zone! Forks is so far out there that For district meeting and P-Day we take a 2 hour bus ride to the next area!!! told ya it was the biggest area in the mission! OH!!! so yesterday (sunday the 3rd) We were driving into the church parking lot when i noticed a guy and his friend walking to their car to get something. i looked at him and he looked so familiar!! After we passed them we got out of the car and i was looking at these 2 guys like a creeper. so i walked in the building and these guys caught up to me and i turned around and one of them was an elder that served in the mesa az Eastridge ward on his mission!!! I cant remember his name to save my life but he is like 6' 2" and has blonde hair! its crazy that he served in my home ward and when he got back like 2 weeks ago i was serving in his home ward!!! small mormon world!!! it was neat to catch up with him. but its wierd because he is no longer an elder and im the elder now :P I can remember when i would get a call from the missionaries back home and they would need a ride somewhere. I drove this guy around town a ton of times back in AZ :P Anyways im running out of time on the computer and i still have more people to write! i love everyone! i love being a missionary!!
                               -Elder Garr

ps. My new mailing address is 

Elder Kyle Garr
P.O. Box 1132
Forks, WA 98331

:) feel free to send letters here :)

Also, here's a random picture I found of Kyle on the Tacoma Mission Blog. I know nothing about the picture but it looks like Kyle is doing well.

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