Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hola Everyone!

     This week has been pretty lame :/ on Saturday we went and did a service project for a less active in the ward. we are still working on digging tree stumps out! but this last Saturday i was digging around a root and a sharp pain hit my lower back and shot down the back of my leg. The chiropractor that i have been seeing had mentioned that when the pain shoots down either leg it means you have pinched a nerve. I have been pretty much crippled these past couple days :/ Thanks family for that gene pool :P On a happier note we are planning another baptism for the 3rd of march!! It is for a UBC that is 11 yrs old! he is super stoked! this week will probably be a ton of planning for that!
       Transfer calls are this coming Saturday!!! Please dont send anything through USPS!!! I get the call on Saturday and i will let everyone know my new address on monday if i am moving or not!! If i do leave and you do send the letters and things it will be a pain to get them back!!!
      I love being a missionary!!
                          -Elder Garr

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