Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hola everybody!!

            So being in forks has been pretty awesome! fun fact: everyone in forks hates twilight :P The area is so small that if you blink you miss it. Everything is fairley close to us so we get to drive everywhere which is nice :) My companion is Elder Warren and he is from Georgia. He has been out one transfer longer than me :) When we left tacoma on transfer day we left at about 6:30 and didnt get to our apartment till about 10 pm. it was the longest drive i have ever made :P Everyweek for P-Day and District meeting we have to take a bus to Port Angeles. The bus ride takes about 1 1/2 hours :-| We got to our apartment and it was totally trashed... There was garbage everywhere. The dishes were stacked a mile high in the sink. It took Elder Warren 1 1/2 hours to do dishes while i cleaned th rest of the place. Also there was no progress records as to who the previous elders were wokin with or anything. so we are shooting in the dark with this one :P The first picture is of Steve...he was the apartment pet...we lost him... the second picture is of my planner the lily shill drew for me!! :) the third one is of Elder Bowser and myself with one of our converts Alex Farnsworth. The fourth picture is of Alex's family and us elders!

PS: The area is very small:P there are no stores around us :P all we have is a thrift-way store and subway.that's it. church has about 60 people. both Elder Warren and i have to speak next week in church.

   Elder Garr

Pic #1: Steve, apartment pet.

Pic #2: Kyle's Planner created by Lily

Pic #3: Elder Garr, Elder Bowser, & Alex Farnsworth

Pic #4: The Elders and Alex's Family

Pic #5: Map showing where Forks, WA is located. Hint: Near the coast & Canada

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