Monday, March 25, 2013

hello everybody!!!

       This past week has been pretty awesome!!! We had the chance to go up to Clallam Bay and Sekiu (C-Q)  and visit some less actives! we went over to a less active named Jon. he is awesome!! We went over and taught him the first lesson again because he said he wants a refresher course :) so we taught him and then i invited him to church on sunday and guess what!!! he came to church!!! super awesome!!! it was kind of funny because when we were at his house i told him if he wasn't at church on sunday i was going to call him and voice my frustration to him... when he walked into the foyer and started talking to bishop he turned and pointed at me and was like "Elder Garr was going to call me and voice his frustration with me if i didn't show up to church i'm here!" it was super funny and we all had a good laugh :) Side note... that awesome moment when you are writing this letter and your email refreshes itself and you have a new email in your inbox...that just happened to me...(you know who you are) ;) anyways Jon came to church and we are going back over there sometime this week to teach him again and he said that he is going to start re-reading the book of mormon and praying about it and that he is going to start coming back to church!! I love missionary work!! We also had the chance to teach a lesson with another less active the same day with someone sitting in on the lesson!!! any guesses?!?!? Jon and his wife sat in on the lesson with Melody!! it was super powerful and i invited Melody to church and she said she was going to try and make it but she didn' i get to call her and voice my frustration ;) This last sunday i had the chance to play another musical number in church!!! I played Redeemer by Paul Cardall!!! I had a ton of people say that the song touched them :) I love how music can do that to people :) like when i told everyone about how i was asked to play a musical number in my last ward and my dad (sorry dad calling you out) said that the song made him cry :) music is awesome!!! I had one lady in the ward come up and tell me how the song touched her. the song starts off one note at a time, and gradually gets more and more complex. she said thats how new converts in the church feel. when they first come to church they are like that one note. Over time as they grow in the gospel they become more and more complex like the song does :) i had never thought of this song in this way. I love being a missionary! I love doing the lords work! being in the Beautiful WA-TAC is the greatest! I love how music can touch the soul :) i love and miss everyone!!!
                          -Elder Garr

                                     Here's an map of where Clallam Bay and Sekiu are located:

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