Monday, March 18, 2013

hola everybody!!!

           This week has been very boringly busy (yes i like to make words up) we have been told by our bishop to go and meet all the active members in the ward. so we have made our way through the ward list meeting people! some of the members are really awesome! others are kind of sketchy... We had a service project this last saturday and elder warren and i decided to bike to save miles on our car...bad idea... we made it almost to the members house and when i was riding my chain broke...dont ask me how i managed to break a bike chain but it happened...while we were working one of the members went to the store and bought me a replacement link for my chain (told ya some were awesome) I have yet to fix it since we have been busy. We also had an exchange this past week where one of the zone leaders came to forks with me and elder warren was with the other zone leader in Port Angeles. The ZL that was with me is Elder Bell who happened to be my District leader my first 2 transfers so we had a blast!! He served in forks back in october and one of the families that we hang out with is really cool so we decided to go visit with them and have dinner with them. we walked in and she was on her computer and so we just stood there waiting for her to notice bell. finally she asked if bell was here and i said no but bell said yes. so she looks at us and says well which is it yes or no and looks away still not noticing bell standing right next to me. then she made the connection and we all started laughing pretty hard :) when bell was on this exchange with me we decided to go to La Push which is on an indian reservation!! I tracted for the first time on the res. :D it was pretty sweet!! I love how the natives all let their dogs roam free there :P sometimes its kind of sketchy walking while these dogs are barking at you and following you. but it was way cool because La Push is right on the Ocean and oh my...the ocean is so legit up here. everything leading up to the ocean is green!!! I dont know if ive ever seen this much green before!!! Well i know that this gospel is true. the Book of Mormon is the true word of God. Share it with someone!! im still waiting to hear from people on how their experiences are going!!! I love you all!!!
                       -Elder Garr

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