Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's Been A Crazy Week!!!

     This whole last week has been crazy with transfers and everything! Elder Bowser is my new comp. and he is really funny! our sarcasm is very alike! we have a greenie living with us in our apartment! he is pretty sweet. this last week we have done a ton of tracting! we have put two people on date!!! the first is Shirley and her daughter Vanessa. they didn't come to church so it has to be pushed back a week. we also tracted into a guy a couple weeks ago and so elder bowser and i decided to go check up on him. when we knocked on his door he wasn't home but his older brother was there and we talked to him for an hour! his name is Cody and he is the biggest teddy bear! he is at least 6' 5" and at least 300 lbs. he accepted to be baptised and so we put him on date for the 16th of this month! he came to church and said he really liked the atmosphere. we will hope to see him at church next week and then baptise him!!! other than that things have been pretty mellow. the weather up here is beautiful! its like 55-60 degrees everyday and it hasn't really been raining these past couple days! the sun has been shining and its been awesome. That is still one thing i don't really miss about Arizona, the sun. there is too much of it! I love this gospel! the book of mormon is true! I'm giving everyone that reads this email a challenge. hand out at least one book of mormon to a friend or someone you meet. don't be scared. Just do it! once you do it email me about the experience you have. one thing you can do is write your cell number in the book and tell them if they have any questions to call you. i also challenge everyone to read from the book of mormon at least 30 mins a day! just pick a time everyday and just do it! i promise you that as you read the book of mormon 30 mins a day you will see the effect it has in your everyday life. i love and miss everyone! 
                                   -Elder Garr

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  1. Can't wait to hear about your B of M experiences, GARRS!!! :)