Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A lot of Service...

     This week has been a ton of service projects! we have been going to a less active members house to remove tree stumps!! on of the trunks is at least 3 ft wide and we have a hole dug around 6 ft down!!! today we hollowed out underneath the tree. we have been doing a ton of digging and using an axe!!! Everyones arms are sore but its a good workout! we have had new people move into our ward so we moved 2 families in. We were all joking about how we are all going to be professional movers and professional landscapers by the end of our two years! roughly 2 weeks ago we went and painted a facility for mentally handicapped adults and kids. this week we went back and helped them move in. we also went to the bishops store house and helped them unload their monthly semi truck! My arms are dead. plus my companion and i are going over to another elders gym and working out so that doesnt help with the soreness! we havent really been able to teach any investigators because of all the service we have been doing. this week is going to be a short email because nothing but service was done :P love you all!!!
              -Elder Garr
ps. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......that is all....

pss.   I totally forgot to tell you that i have done more in sacrament meeting in the past 5 weeks than i have my entire life!! the first 2 weeks i had to bear my testimony, the third week i played prelude before church started, the fourth week i said the closing prayer, and this last week i played a special musical number on the piano in sacrament!!! holy cow i was scared out of my mind to play!!! apparently a lady in the ward heard me playing prelude and came up to me after sacrament meeting and asked me if i could play the following week!!!!!!!!! i got a ton of compliments that day on the piece i played (day of rest by Paul Cardall). love ya!!!
                              -Elder Garr

Here's a sample of the song Kyle played.


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  1. That's Awesome! It's crazy to me how brave he is!!!!