Tuesday, February 19, 2013


     Hola everyone!!! This past week has been amazing! We had a baptismal service on sunday the 17th for Cody Brooks! I had the wonderful opportunity to be the one to baptise him!! It was amazing! Everyone was doubting me because I'm a scrawney 6 foot tall 160lb missionary and Cody is 6' 5" and at least 300lbs! All it took was one time! In 2 weeks on March the 3rd i will get to confirm him because next week is stake conference! This past week has been planning for the baptism. we found 2 new investigators that we are teaching! They are a couple named Heather and Jimmy! Heather realizes that she needs to turn her life around and Jimmy hasn't really grown up yet... We will keep working with them and see where it goes! other than that we've been pretty busy with the baptism and things of that nature! this Gospel is the greatest! I love missionary work!
                                       -Elder Garr
The first two photos are pictures of a board (pieced together and then where i broke it) that i punched through for zone meeting. the zone leaders asked us one of our fears and then wrote it on the board and everyone got to punch through their own board to overcome that fear! it was pretty awesome!

The third picture is the desk of a busy Elder! (Me)

The fourth picture is Elder Bowser, Cody Brooks, and myself!

Kyle's mom keeps asking questions and here are some the answers:
  1. I haven't had to use my bike yet, so I have no clue if it's a good bike.
  2. We make breakfast ourselves and most of the time we have mac & cheese or ramen for lunch.
  3. Most of the time we have dinner with a member but there are those nights that we will go out to eat.
  4. My companion Elder Bowser is from Provo, Utah and my last companion Elder Hathaway is from Memphis, TN.
  5. The weather is between 40 - 65 degrees but I love this weather, I don't miss the sun at all. 

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