Monday, February 11, 2013

One Hectic Week!

hola everyone!!!
   This week has been pretty hectic! we have been teaching a ton of people and working with UBC's and PMF's
(Un-Baptized Children and Part Member Families) one of the people we are working with is a boy named Alex. He is ten years old and both of his parents are members but the mother is less active. Its crazy to think how some people can just go inactive. I dont see how at one point in your life you go from knowing the truth of the church and seeing the blessings that you get when you live the gospel to not going to church. The one thing that is a reassurance is the saviours atonement for each and everyone of us. No matter how far down the road of sin we go, we can always use the power of the atonement and turn our lives around. This week we went and taught Cody the word of wisdom and right then and there he gave us the rest of his tobacco and told us he was done smoking and to throw away the tobacco. Its amazing how the gospel can effect others lives! I am sill waiting for those who read my last email to write me about the challenge i gave out!!! DO IT!!! by just sharing the BofM with someone it may not affect them right away but it will affect them later in life. everyone can use the atonement in their life! Be a member missionary!!! give the elders in your area people to work with! sit in on the lessons with them! it makes such a big difference to an investigator when they already have a tight bond with someone they know! I love this Gospel! I love being in the WA-TAC Mission! I love everyone out here and back home!!
                                            -Elder Garr

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