Tuesday, May 28, 2013


This past week has been stressful! we got our transfer calls this past Saturday! I bet you all want to know if im staying or if im going :P well I got my call to go to Orting, Graham. now as you all know they created 2 new missions is WA. On June 28th the Federal Way mission is going to be created! now the WA-TAC is loosing 2 areas to this mission. One of those areas is Graham... so on June 28th I will get to open up the Washington Federal Way mission and I will get a new mission president!!! so all of my info will change like the mission office and things like that :P not many people get to say that they were in 2 separate missions!!! but I will get to say that!!! my new mailing address will be
Elder Kyle Garr
221 Corrin Ave SW Unit A
Orting, WA 98372
My new companion is Elder Brown! he came out with my current companion Elder Hunsinger! as a matter of fact they were MTC companions!! He says that we should get along great! I love being a missionary!! I love and miss eVeRyOnE!!!
                          -Elder Garr

oh ya!

I forgot to tell you that there was this member that we went to see 2 sundays ago and they had an ukulele and a piano so they wanted me to play them haha so I did and I told them that ive been asking around for a ukulele that some one would be willing to part with for cheap and so this last Wednesday we went to mutual and this member came up to me and was like "we missed your last Christmas present so...Merry Christmas!!!"
  how awesome is that!! and a youth in the ward taught me a couple of songs including "how can I be" its super fun to play the ukulele!!!
      love ya!!!

                                                             Kyle's new area:

                   Here's another picture I found of Kyle while looking at the WA-TAC blog.

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