Monday, May 20, 2013

Cow Tongue Tacos!!!

    I had to throw that title in there because today after im done emailing we are going to go eat some cow tongue tacos!!! it will be interesting! next week I will have to let you know if im dead or not!!! oh ya and since next Monday is memorial day the library will be closed so I wont get to email until either Tuesday or Wednesday. not sure because Tuesday is transfers so if I stay in Shelton I will most likely email after transfers. this week has been pretty interesting! we have been working more with the foster kids but unfortunately they have fallen off date because of various reasons but we are still working hard with them! the other day we helped someone move and I was the one in the back of the moving truck arranging everything and the people there were like "ya were going to have to make 2 trips"...not with this guy in the back of that truck! I got everything packed in the truck and it only took one trip! I was pretty proud of myself! I knew my mission would help me learn valuable things!! like how to load a moving truck! haha it was pretty fun. I was in the truck standing on boxes while putting boxes on top of anything!!! other than that this week has been pretty much the same! knocking doors with Spanish! I love being a missionary!!! I love and miss everyone!!!
                                -Elder Garr

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