Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My artsy crafty side came out haha!!!

       So this week has been pretty fun!! we are working with a less active family and they are starting to come back to everything! they wanted to start up FHE so I decided to make them a little job board! I spent a ton of time at night painting this thing and I will send a picture home next week but this project made the sister missionaries proud!! haha. this past Saturday we helped a 71 year old move out of her rental house and into a duplex. it took us about 8 hours to complete this move! crazy!! but a Spanish missionary (elder jones) and I were up on her balcony and everyone else was on the ground below and they were throwing things up to us and we would catch them and put them on the deck!! for the record I have a perfect record of catching!! but you wouldn't believe some of the things we lifted up onto the balcony!! we lifted 2 couches, a box spring, a mattress, and a ton of smaller items!! it was so much fun!!! we also helped the sisters move into a new home haha. We also had the chance to go through the temple this past week as a mission!! that was super awesome!! and the Seattle temple is super pretty!!! I love and miss everyone!!!
             -Elder Garr

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