Sunday, June 8, 2014

May 27, 2014

It's Memorial Day weekend. This past week was the last week of school for Kyle's sisters. Yaaa, summer is here!!! Lexi is officially in High School. Tracie's email talked about how we celebrated the holiday by going over the the Hawkin's house and a BBQ with the family. We talked about going to Stephen Smith's farewell, who has been called to serve in Honolulu, Hawaii. Here is Kyle's email.


ya i get to email today instead!! yesterday the library was closed :P yesterday we did a ton of service and now i am super sore! we moved rock at a members and took down some huge branches and then cut them into small fire wood pieces! then after that we went to one of our investigators houses and helped him out with some yard work which included me taking a sledge hammer and breaking up concrete slabs to lay down for traction for his tractor :) my arms are sore today haha. we called the hammer Thor's Hammer. and he nicknamed me Thor because the hammer was huge and i was the only one that could use it haha!! it was tons of fun! other than that we went and saw some people. did more service. went and tried to see a couple of potentials. did some more service. then taught some of our investigators! 
 we did get invited to a BBQ :) it was pretty good! my new comp is pretty chill. hes not elder holtry and were not in kent :P but he is cool. the new apartment is pretty boss. its in a nice complex :) 
 i didnt get the package yet. but our zone leaders are going to the mission office today and thats where it will be and then they will bring it to district meeting tomorrow! so thats when i should get it :) i love and miss everyone! 

ps could you send me one more pair of those sole inserts for my shoes. they last about 6 months before just becoming totally flat. and my 6 months in these ones are up :P other than that im doing good :) 
       -Elder Garr

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