Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 1, 2014

Tracie started this email off by noted that Kyle had 6 MONTHS LEFT.  She asked how Federal Way was and how his bike was holding up. Tracie also mentioned a party we went to and how she was able to explain what a mormon mission was. She also talked a little bit about what the girls have been up to.

so to start of this email i thought i would mention a couple words of wisdom... are ya ready for it???

no counting down!! :) love ya! 

so federal way is pretty much......not as cool as Kent... haha but im learning to love the area. i keep up with a couple of members from kent via email :) there still doing good. i get a lot of "we want you back in Kent" haha and about my is a piece of junk... its nickname is "the mule"... have ya ever ridden a mule??? you get crazy saddle soreness...ya same with my bike!! so we do a lot of walking... so i can totally understand why dad doesn't want to drive with Kinlee. im just like him when it comes to driving. i hate being a passenger. i like to be in control of the car. plus im usually more observant than most of my companions and have almost died with a couple of members because they don't pay attention!! haha so i get where hes comin from :) (dont worry dad i got your back!) 

so those pics of Lexi and kara are freakin awesome!!! i was laughing to hard and i had another Elder laughing pretty hard as well! 

this week has been a lot of trying to get in contact with our investigators and doing lots of service! we helped this old lady move from the 4th floor to the ground floor in her complex... it took forever! we had 2 members from the ward helping and it still took forever! we had to move everything! funny enough i have a drunk person story as well! the second day of helping her move there was a party going on in the lobby of this place (it was an old person complex O.P.K for short) so this lady was turning 72 and her whole family was there and drinking and the only way to get from the 4th to the ground was to go through the party haha needless to say we got some weird looks because of the ways we were moving some of this stuff! for example: we took a blanket and layed it out flat...then we put all of her clothes in this blanket...then we tied this blanket up and placed it on a furniture dolly...then since the blanket covered the dolly we took a golf putter and used that to pull this mass of clothing in a blanket!!! haha it was awesome!!!! 

i love and miss everyone!!!
       -Elder Gar

Here is the picture Kyle was referring to as being "freakin awesome!!!"
Oh the things girls will do when they are bored. They walked around the house mocking boys.

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