Sunday, June 8, 2014

May 19, 2014

Well, the last post mentioned that Kyle wasn't being transfer. However, we learned a day later through a member that he was. So in Tracie's email to Kyle she asked him if he really was transferred and if so why? Tracie also let Kyle know that one of his best friends older brother (Blake D) was engaged. That was about it for our email. Below is Kyle's email:

ya i got emergency transfered. the elder that they originally assigned to this area in Federal Way couldnt ride a bike and this ward is a bike area. so they took me outta kent and put me in federal way :( Kent was probably my most favorite area that ive been in so far on my mission. it will be the area that i will spend the most time in when i come back to visit! i loved the members there. im having a hard time adjusting to the area just because it was such short notice and the ward isnt like the Kent ward i was in. i have some adapting to do!! my new companion is Elder Andrasko. he is from Oklahoma. hes pretty chill. we did service for some nonmembers and they accepted a book of mormon and said they would read it!! the only bad thing is that the service we were doing was moving furniture because they are moving :P lame sause! haha but things here are pretty blan. we have a couple of investigators but i have only met one of them and they are now out of town. i dont really have much to say because i have been here in the area for about 4 days now.. next week i will have more to say!! i love and miss everyone!!!
                  -Elder Garr

Here are some more pics Kyle sent to us.
the first one is of Jacob Crossan and I. He is the one that was upset that i was leaving. 
the second one is Anna Crossan and I. 
the last one is Me and my new mask that someone gave to me for helping them move a ton of stuff because they were moving!

the first one is of Amber. she is Andrew and Averi's mom. She drove the kids over to say goodbye to me the morning i got emergency transfered. 
the second one is of Andrew and Averi saying goodbye to me :( im gunna miss those kids :)
and the last one is Elder Holtry and I after we found out i was being emergency transfered...we werent very happy.

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