Saturday, November 9, 2013


     So this past week Tracie wrote Kyle about how we went to Abby Shill's opening of "The Letter" and learned that she will serving in Piura, Peru. Kinlee had mouth surgery to fix the gap between her two front teeth, this is the same procedure Tracie had as a kid. Halloween was also this past week so we let Kyle know we have more than enough candy in our house. Kyle also requested a couple of his mom's recipes. We also sent a package to him this past week with gifts for his up and coming birthday. Do you think he waited?! Tracie asked why he wanted his dorky fake glasses and also asked him for Christmas ideas.

hola momma!! sounds like this week was pretty busy! haha so was mine! lots of tracting!! well when i first came out i didnt have anything that was "me". now since ive been out a while there have been things that i have wanted from home that make me... "me"!! haha thats why i wanted those dorky glasses :P  ummmm....i have opened some of them but i am saving the tie until my birthday haha :P i dont know what color it is but everything points to a tie :P money would be nice for christmas and bright colorful ties!! i need more!! haha i only have like 27 with me :P please no fast food gift cards :P im trying to eat healthier :P haha oh those shoe inserts from would be nice. they last about 6 months so i will need at least 2 more haha. gift cards to walmart would also be nice :) ya im not sure about the christmas party things haha :P my current companion is Elder Batchelor!! he's from New Mexico! we get along pretty well! we have fun haha! haha ya hathaway is back in WA until today :( he went to Sis Eischens and called me so i got to talk to him :) hes a stud! and about the password tell dad to flip the first 4 with the last 4 and thats the new one! this week has been pretty good! we have done a ton of tracting and following up with potentials! not too much luck but we are workin hard!! thats about it for me haha :) love and miss everyone!!!
                -Elder Garr

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