Saturday, November 2, 2013


     Our last email to Kyle talked about this past week being missionary week. We told him about various church members that came into Primary and talked about their experiences. Our ward had Trunk or Treat and Lexi helped setup the haunted house and then got all "spookified" and scared all the little kids. We also told him that Kinlee went to the Desert Ridge Homecoming football game and "watched" them slaughter the other team. Also told Kyle about the new leather couch and love seat  we just purchased. We sent his B-day gifts early with the pair of glasses he requested and his mom told him that he better not open the gifts till his Birthday on Nov 11th. OH- Tim was the pet spider.

Sounds like you have had an interesting week! the weather up here is beautiful!!! i love the colder weather!! its around 50 everyday!!! i love it!!! i will wait until my birthday to open the gifts...notice how i didnt say "all" haha just kidding! i will wait! and not the sunglasses but the fake ones that are non-prescription. the ones that i would wear to work every once in a while! glad to hear that you finally got your new couch! only 13 more months and i get to try it out! and way to go dad!!! love the leather!!! this week has been pretty busy! we have gone tracting a ton and found some potentials to work with but our one solid investigator is Emilie! Emilie is 70 yrs and she has suffered from a lot of strokes and so she is in a wheelchair and cant do many things on her own. but she loves coming to church and loves going to the classes! hopefully she will be baptized soon!!! she is my favorite! when she comes to church an access bus drops her off and so i get to wheel her around everywhere in church and then access comes after church and picks her up! she is super sweet! we dont really get fed by members in this ward. we get fed on Sunday and Monday nights but thats it. oh quick story that you probably already know about but the Toone's who are in my ward now were in the same ward that i started my mission in!! super funny!! i am in an apartment and i dont have the address with me because i gave it to Sis Eischen and didnt think i would need it today :P i will double check with her and make sure she has the right one and she will fb you :) tim was sadly left behind...he was a champ! but i guarantee the new elders in Orting threw him away or set him free :( oh well haha! other than that things have been pretty much the same :P i love and miss everyone!
                         -Elder Garr

Here's a picture that the Toone's sent us that they took while Kyle was visiting them recently.

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