Saturday, December 7, 2013


   Our last email to Kyle we talked about how its already December and that he has surpassed his 1 year mark on his mission. We asked him how his Thanksgiving was? Was he fed by a Ward member and was it as good as grandma's? We told him how grandpa and grandma invited the missionaries in their Ward to celebrate Thanksgiving with all of us. Tracie told Kyle how she took pictures and forwarded them to their parents and let them know they were taken care of. We asked Kyle if he received the package we sent. We asked for his new address. We told him that his sister Lexi finally bought some fabric and made herself some really soft pajama pants. (She's very proud of them) Told him that Kinlee was going up to the Snowflake Temple in the coming week. And finally, we let Kyle know that we broke down and bought a pre-lit christmas tree so we won't have to string a gazillion lights anymore. Oh, by the way, YSA stands for Young Single Adult Ward.

                              Here's a map showing where Kent, WA is located.

its crazy that its already december!! and in 24 days i get to see ya!! (but whose counting :P)  i bet you are ;) this past thanksgiving was awesome!! we went over to a ysa's parents house and they fed us good!! i didnt get the package that you sent but it is working its way to me!! i will probably get it on friday!  so i have some news!! i got moved out of YSA and  am now in Kent! my new companion is Elder Grandstaff! he has been out 1 month longer than me!! so with the address they want all packages sent to the mission office :) call the mission office about the address :) cuz i dont know it!! haha you waited till i was gone to buy a pre-lit Christmas tree...... who said that it would be worth it :P i think i did haha and now you finally got it haha! glad to hear that everything is going good back home!! i love being out here on a mission!! love and miss everyone!!
                -Elder Gar

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