Sunday, October 27, 2013

Transfer Time

   This past week our email to Kyle talked about Lexi and her 101 Dalmatian rehearsal every night with opening night being on Friday. It also talked about Tracie going to a "Favorite Thing" party with several ladies from the Ward. We asked Kyle about his new area, gift card capability, and what was something fun he did this past week. We also sent him a picture of Kinlee wearing a sweat shirt she pulled out of his closet. We also asked Kyle if he's riding his bike a lot or driving a car and how is the new apartment. Do you have a new companion if so, tell us about him. We also told Kyle the date the Gilbert temple will be open to the public.  We also jokingly suggested that we were going to teach Kinlee how to drive using his car. Below is his email back to us.


So the new area is pretty awesome!! im still on bike which im ok with :P umm...the gift cards i can use are pretty open. there is a lot of stuff in Auburn. most fast food. most shopping places like burlington...hint hint... haha other than that there is a lot of places to go. my new comp is Elder Batchelor. he is from New Mexico. hes pretty chill. and no one compares to the 3 amigos!! haha. kinlee CAN NOT ;) learn how to drive my car...she can learn in the jetta like i did :) haha its crazy that the gilbert temple is almost up and running! things here are pretty good. we found 6 new people to teach this past week and so we have return appointments with them this week!!! thats about it... i love and miss everyone!!
                 -Elder Garr

Here's a map image of where Auburn, WA is.

The New Address:
Elder Kyle Garr
1465 8th N.E. #5
Auburn, WA 98002

Below are some pictures Kyle sent us from a service project him and his last companion helped with.

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