Monday, July 15, 2013



     This week has been pretty legit!! we had an investigator of about a year ago text us and say that she wanted us to come teach her again!! super cool. and at church yesterday i had a guy in the ward come up to me and tell me he wanted to introduce me to a family. turns out this family wants the missionary lessons because the mom wants to be on a better path in life so i will have more info on that next week. im writing my response letters slowly but surely. i opened the federal way mission. all that means is i have new areas to go to. the fed-way mission is made of 2 zones from tacoma mission and 5 zones from the seattle mission. so im still in orting haha it was one of the areas that was sent to the new mission. Mt Rainier was freakin awesome!!! not even close to a desert here haha. I will send some pics soon i promise. love and miss ya!!!

                             -Elder Garr

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