Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Another week

Tracie wrote Kyle a letter letting him know that one of his best friends was back from his mission and that we would wait to go back to WA and let him have the "welcome home" at the airport. She also mentioned school shopping with the girls and about our ward Primary Talent show that she was in with the Primary Presidency. Oh and that we saw an odd purchase from a smoke shop in Orting that was on his bank account and his mom was freaking out about.

     Its super crazy that Jared is home!! those 2 years have flown by!! mine is flying by as well!! Its crazy to think that I've been out for 8 months already!!! holy cow!! That plan about a year later sounds like a good idea. Plus you would freeze here in November/December!! I would be fine and maybe dad but not you. School shopping fun times...not!!! Try this on try that on...dont miss it at all I'm trying to send home a video that's on my flash drive but its too big. The Sisters and Elder Brown and I did a lip sync for our ward talent show!! It was super funny!! I will try to find a way to send it :P We had glowsticks for ours as well, great minds think alike!!! and at the smoke shop I bought a zippo lighter because there is an object lesson that we do and you need a zippo, no need to be concerned. Things here in Orting are starting to pick up! We are going back to teach a 3 piece family tomorrow so hopefully everything works out! I will have more info on that later! Other than that we have just been doing service! I love and miss everyone!!
                              -Elder Garr

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